Over the years, PIL has the distinction of designing and constructing buildings of varying styles for different purposes.

The variety of construction work undertaken by the company speaks volumes about its versatility.

Roads & Highways

Road & Highway Projects

The history of human civilization could well have begun with the development of pathways and roads; for the movement of Men, Material and Machinery, the lifeline of nation building, would have been impossible without arterial roads to facilitate transport.

We understand that the most effective way of adding value to build environment is road construction. The construction and maintenance of roads has been and shall remain a capital-intensive continual process that is at core of any development activity.

In 1999 - 2000, PIL made a foray into highway construction with the Vadodara Halol road project. There was no looking back after that, PIL has taken initiative with dedication and motivation while working on maintenance and construction of the highways keeping in mind the safety of workers working for the company as well as the road users at the same time the optimum utilization of men power and machinery so as to keep always a final product within a stipulated budget but to the best of quality and within prescribed time limit.

To enhance the quality we have continuously strived and kept ourselves updated with the technology in terms of material, machinery and process, the continuous testing of the raw material and product has given an edge in this competitive market by satisfying the clients as well as road and highway users and getting us repetitive orders. Further the company has continuously strived for social responsibility by keeping their workers well fed and happy.

Reaching out, providing much needed connectivity, PIL is steadily, consistently strengthening the nation's infrastructure base. Every step in this journey is a celebration of its commitment to the country and to the people. In fact, the journey is itself the destination!
Finally our strength and belief is "EVERY MILE STONE IS OUR VALLUE"

Building projects

Building projects

Seeking cover against the forces of Nature, prehistoric man took shelter in caves and grottos. But wherever he lived, whatever his means, Man always left his imprint on his habitat shaping, devising and designing dwellings that matched his needs even as they defined time.

The cave paintings of Alta Mira in Spain, the planned cities of Mohenjo-Daro, the Colosseum of Rom all stand testimony to Man's artistic and architectural skills.

With the march of time, as civilizations advanced, simple all-purpose edifices gave way to specific structures suited to the multifarious needs of growing human societies: industries, educational, community and medical centers, airports and railway terminal, each inspired a structure that was unique. Over the years, PIL has the distinction of designing and constructing buildings of varying styles for different purposes. The variety of construction work undertaken by the company speaks volumes about its versatility.

A host of highly specialized skills were employed to create buildings that are miracles of technology.

This building, with its spectacularly authentic view, was constructed under WRI division in 1997- 1998. The well-equipped educational campuses of the English medium school near Borsad town and the Vrajbhoomi Vidyapeeth at Mogar, Anand, are also worthy of mention.

Pil has commenced construction of building since 1972 keeping pace with technology and at times the various types and size of buildings becomes a symbol of our dedication for the adaption of technology and strive for quality.

Every conceivable facility, viz. Technology Bhavan, L.R.C. Bhavan, Students Amenity Center, workshops, hostel, Principal's bungalow, staff quarters, guest house, water supply distribution system is included in its precints. Besides, PIL has built various categories of staff quarters, both low-rise and high-rise, for the Medical College at Rajkot.

Significantly, PIL has contributed in yet another way, both to the state of Gujarat and to the Nation. In the wake of the terrible earthquake in January 2001, heritage structures like 90-year-old Jamnagar Circuit house building were severely damaged. Adhering to the stipulations of the Government of Gujarat, its exquisite Roman architectural features were retrofitted and strengthened, while its original splendour was retained.

Bridge projects

Bridge projects

Bridges symbolize connectivity, a metaphor for Man's insatiable desire to arch over difficulties and bring the unreachable within his grasp.

Civilizations have been erased, cultures have evolved, but ancient bridges have often stood the test of time. Their remains speak even today of the designing skills and technological acumen of the architects.

The company has started the construction of bridges in the year of 2002 And since then our technocrats have continuously worked for the success of Patel Bridge Nirman Pvt. Ltd. a subsidiary of Patel Infrastructure Limited

PBNPL own contribution to bridge building and is a tribute to these great men whose lofty, majestic structures have left their imprint on time. Among its achievements, the Railway Over bridge near Chikhodara, Anand, is worthy of mention. In its construction, the concepts of Reinforced Earth Technology were used for the very first time in Gujarat.

Another imposing structure erected by PIL is the Foot Over bridge on Ahmedabad bypass, NH - 08. This heavy FOB situated near the express highway junction is fully made of steel, a total of 145.00 M.T. of steel having gone into its construction.

Irrigation & Dams

Irrigation & Dams

No other development activity has such immediate and far reaching impact on the every day life of people as a strategically located dam. PIL was fortunate to be entrusted by the Government of Gujarat with the task of erecting a dam across Vrajmi near Ambrapur in Junagadh district. The Dadhichi Sarovar Yojana, as it was called, was thus PIL's first ever project in Gujarat.

The Company has constructed Sump and Pipelines for the Mahi Pariage yogna in Dist. Amreli.

The pipeline project was a part of Mahi Pariage yogna. The different pipes like AC and PVC with diameter from 90 mm to 300 mm lowering and laying to distribute the Narmada water to every village under coming Lathi-Liliya-Chavand group.

Over the years PIL has taken on several projects that have considerably eased the water supply situation in the state. At Bhingrol village, district Amreli, an overhead tank with a capacity of 10 lakh litres was constructed for the Gujarat Water Supply Board in 2001 - 02.

On the Rajkot Bhavnagar state highway an underground sump with a capacity of 45 lakh litres was constructed. This project was undertaken on behalf of the Gujarat Water Supply Board in 2001 02.